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Electric cars use Regenerative Braking. The moment i step off the pedal, the car automatically starts braking. I only cash advance the brakes cash advance the last moment when i want cash advance stop, of in an emergency.

Most of the time, i just take my foot of the pedal, it slows down and it also cash advance energy. A world class feature not found elsewhere. It takes time getting used to. The brakes, are harder and you get used to it in matter of days. Just go for it and u wont regret. It will become your workhorse. Kamlesh Loved the way you wrote the review. Best review I have read so far about car or bike. I own a nano which I bought in Nov-2010 for just 1.

It is a great value for money car, I have used the car for almost all purposes. For going to office, touring, honeymoon(to ooty, mysore, bandipur, chikkamagaloor, coorg. Nano has never let me down in city traffic, hilly terrain, highway etc.

I highly admire your passion for an electric car, that too, deservedly so(for e20), but not in the slightest stretch of imagination try to compare e20 to cash advance in terms of complete ownership experience. But, still loved your passion and hope I will become rich enough to own an electric car as my second car. Keep going, In a long run I may join your bandwagon.

I totally agree with you regarding environmental, oil bill angles. Thanks for your reply. I thought i made it clear in the blog - not to compare e2o with the Nano :) The whole point i made about the Nano is that the world over people tend to compare Electric car's with the cheapest gas cars in terms of COST. The point i made is that it is wrong to compare the cheapest Petrol car with an EV as modern EV's have features that are not even available in a Sedan.

Those r highlighted and i dont have to repeat that. I congratulate you on ur journeys. If you have that kind of an appetite for driving and would like to travel a lot then as of TODAY (2015), an EV is definitely not for you.

I could have gotten a luxurious hatchback or a sedan instead of this one or i could have bought a cheaper petrol hatchback and saved some money. But then this is all bout taking the plunge and support this movement for a better tomorrow, i guess. Owning an EV is very liberating feeling, which u will understand when u get one. If it means i have to sacrifice the adventure of long distance travel in my own car, then so be it.

Having said that, i can still drive long distance by renting a car if i want to. So you dont need to be "Rich" to own a second car. You can make it work with just this with certain adjustments. After all its a paradigm shift right. I have not left the pursuit of owning e20. These are all not encouraging. And one more fact I think is worth pondering. They said that, they assure that the range will never go down below 84 kms in the long run of 5 years. There is power steering in the latest model, better to update your blog on this issue.

In that way I am a big sinner, right. That is the property of the Lithium Chemistry. After 5 years we can expect to get less range. But the car can still be used for that amount of range. Motors are very reliable.

Yeah, Sadly the Reva is sold only in 6-7 cities. They are not investing in tier 2 cities. So i guess you will have to pay them for servicing.

Yeah, am getting Power Steering upgrade next month. Will update the blog then. Good luck on your decision. Hi Kamlesh, Have you upgraded your E2o with Power steering, if so what is the cost. Regards, Pradeep Kareti Hi Yes. Power Steering was payday loans given to me as a free upgrade due to this blog selling so many e2os. It makes a heck of a lot of difference.

I cannot go back to the old manual steering now. Hi,your blog is so informative,i was searching for reviews of 2 wheeler and 4 wheelers EV's,you answered most of my questions,i was confused about its capacity to drive uphill as bangalore has mostly hilly areas,i got my answer, but one question,i have aged parents, climbing into the back of e20 will be difficuilt for them,right. It would take some effort for old aged people to get back.

Just ask yourself this question. How often would you take them out. Take them on a test drive for more information. Thanks, Kamlesh Hi,thanks for replying,in fact i had decided against buying this car as 1)the charging stations in my city are either closed or the people working there dont let you in (seems ridiculous but read this review on Fb) 2)the price of the car 3)2 door not 4 door 4)tata pixel sounded good and looks good.

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